Your privacy is important to us. This privacy statement explains what personal data we collect from you and how we use it.

The product-specific details sections provide additional information relevant to particular LangCorr products. This statement applies to the LangCorr products listed below, as well as other LangCorr products that display this statement. References to LangCorr products in this statement include LangCorr services, websites, apps, and software.

Personal Data We Collect

LangCorr collects data to operate effectively and provide you the best experiences with our products. You provide some of this data directly, such as when you create a LangCorr account or purchase a product. We get some of it by recording how you interact with our products by, for example, using technologies like cookies, and receiving error reports or usage data from software running on your device. We also obtain data from third parties.

How We Use Personal Data

LangCorr uses the data we collect for three basic purposes, (1) to operate our business and provide the products we offer, (2) to send communications, including promotional communications, and (3) to know how much our products is used.

Cookies & Similar Technologies

LangCorr uses cookies (small text files placed on your device) and similar technologies to provide our websites and services and to help collect data. Cookies allow us, among other things, to store your preferences and settings; enable you to sign-in and keep signed in; combat fraud; and analyze how our websites and online services are performing. LangCorr apps use other identifiers, such as your login information and product key for Language Corrector for Microsoft Word and Google Docs, for similar purposes.

You have a variety of tools to control cookies and similar technologies, including browser controls to block and delete cookies. Your browser and other choices may impact your experiences with our products. You cannot use Language Corrector for Microsoft Word or Google Docs without accepting the local storrage of your login details, but everything will be deleted when you log out of the add-in.

With a LangCorr account, you can sign into LangCorr products, as well as those of select LangCorr Partners. Signing into your account enables improved personalization, provides seamless and consistent experiences across products and devices, permits you to access and test our products for free, allows you to make payments using payment instruments stored in your LangCorr account, and enable other enhanced features and settings.

When you sign into your account to access a product, we create a record of that sign in.

Product-specific details

Language Corrector or Opgaveretteren for Microsoft Word and Google Docs

LangCorr collects data about your use of Language Corrector. Non of the data you provide is shared or can be seen by other than you. We do store your usage of the program to make statistics and we do share the statistic with our partners, we don’t see or share your comments without your permission and we can’t see your files. We store your personal profiles, categories and comments created in Language Corrector on our server only so that you may be able to login and log out when you change device.


LangCorr collects data about your use of Screenings. LangCorr does not share data. We store your usage of the program to make statistics. We also store your students’ results so you may use it. No third party is given access to your classes or students’ work.

Group Constructor

LangCorr collects data about your use of Group Constructor. LangCorr does not share data..We store your usage of the program to make statistics. We also store your students’ names and preferences so you can use it in the program.