Our didactic principles

Didactic PrinciplesOur programs are based on many years of solid practical experience and thorough academic research.

It’s our conviction that all teachers need to know something about their students’ skills in order to have a foundation on which to base their didactic approaches. This foundation should be a combined result of both summative and formative evaluation. Our efficient Assessment tests cover the initial summative evaluation and give teachers the necessary overview of their students’ linguistic capabilities.

Our innovative program, Language Correction, focuses on formative feedback as a means to effectively improve and support students’ written work. The program has been designed to adhere to practical experience and the theories introduced by scholars such as John Hattie, Valerie Shute and Lotte Rienecker.

Formative evaluation of students will typically be a result of an oral or written product. Language Correction focuses on commenting on written products and facilitating students’ ability to enhance their linguistic capabilities. We see this as gradual modification of a student’s ability to reflect upon his or her work processes.

Formative evaluation frequently employs four different categories of feedback

– Problem identifying
– Inquisitive
– Instructive
– Qualifying

They all have one thing in common: For all kinds of formative feedback to be beneficial, it should be focused, thorough and limited. But this takes time and hence the only limiting factor is time.

It is extremely time-consuming to give thorough feedback within either the instructive or the qualifying category. It simply takes a long time to write a large number of appropriate and thorough comments that can actually modify a student’s future behaviour.

Language Corrector facilitates all four categories and of equal importance, it eliminates the time factor. By pressing a button or using keyboard shortcuts, teachers can activate predefined comments in all four categories. Basically teachers no longer have to write anything when they give feedback to students. They can give extremely thorough and precise feedback by simply pressing a button.

If a teacher has used Language Corrector to correct a paper, the student is automatically guided through a comprehensive process that potentially brings several learning styles into action, and the student is allowed to approach his or her problematic areas from various angles. This is an extremely effective way to create future awareness of a given area.

No two students are alike, which is why we believe in monitoring students’ progression. Language Correction facilitates this through its ‘Track Student’ function, and teachers can find out whether a student is improving in a matter of minutes.