Frequently asked questions:

Language Corrector

Why do the MAC version and the PC version look different from one another?

Does Language Corrector work with Open Office?

Can I change, add or delete a standard comment?

Can I use my product key on different computers, and can I switch between MAC and PC?

When I print a stats report, Word prints lots of attached comments. Why is that?

My students complain about the red colour of the comments. Can I change that?

How do I install Language Corrector?

Assessment tests

Can I be sure that the Assessment tests work when I need them?

Can I buy Assessment tests that test other languages than English and Danish?

I have only received one password, but I have 26 students in my class. Where do I find the remaining 25?

The password works 35 times. What if I have 36 students in my class?

Group Constructor

Can I be sure that Group Constructor works when I need it?

Can I avoid absent students in my groupings?

Prices, Contact, etc.

How do I communicate with you?

I haven’t received a product key or a password. What do I do?

Please contact us if you have additional questions or comments.