LangCorr featured on Microsoft’s Edu Blog

LangCorr’s managing director, Andreas Molander was recently given the opportunity to write a blog post on Microsoft’s Danish education blog about the advantages teachers have when they use LangCorr’s programme Language Corrector in their daily work.
Fokuseret feedback til eleverne med nyt add on-program i Word
In the blog post, Andreas presents a solution to the paradox most teachers face when, on one hand, they are met by demands to optimize the time spent on preparation and marking tasks, while, on the other hand, they still need to provide their students with focused and detailed feedback.

Andreas elaborates on the motive behind creating the programme, which is an add-on to Microsoft Word, and on how to effectively use the programme to motivate students through a variety of feedback styles built in to the programme, such as comments, films, exercises, and games.
Read the blog post in its full length here.