School visit to Loxford School of Science and Technology

In connection with the annual Bett Show in London, 21st – 24th of January, LangCorr, University College Lillebælt and Fredericia Gymnasium had arranged a school visit to Loxford School of Science and Technology. The visit was an interesting eye-opener to the similarities and differences between Danish and English schools. Particularly on the ICT-area, it was […]

LangCorr featured on Clio Online’s blog

Do you use student feedback in your classroom? We have some tips and tricks on how to get started, using our LanguageCorrector programme. Read about LangCorr’s approach to student feedback in our recent blogpost on Danish publisher of digital learning material Clio Online’s blog here. (the blogpost is in Danish)

Language Corrector introduces new profiles – Spanish and Italian

We have great news for  Spanish and Italian language teachers – You can start saving time immediately! Our team has created three new profiles for Language Corrector so that teachers will be able to correct papers faster in these languages. All Language Corrector profiles are based on the same principles. They act as comment banks […]