LangCorr featured on Microsoft’s Edu Blog

LangCorr’s managing director, Andreas Molander was recently given the opportunity to write a blog post on Microsoft’s Danish education blog about the advantages teachers have when they use LangCorr’s programme Language Corrector in their daily work. In the blog post, Andreas presents a solution to the paradox most teachers face when, on one hand, they […]

Language Corrector introduces new profiles – Spanish, French and Italian

We have great news for  Spanish, French and Italian language teachers – You can start saving time immediately! Our team has created three new profiles for Language Corrector so that teachers will be able to correct papers faster in these languages. All Language Corrector profiles are based on the same principles. They act as comment […]

LangCorr is looking for a test school in the UK

Do you find yourself spending hours marking your students’ papers? Are dozens of papers still waiting to be corrected? We can help you. LangCorr is currently looking for test schools in the UK to try out its innovative approach to marking papers and providing useful feedback for students. It is important for us to cooperate […]

Giving Feedback that Matters

There has been a lot of talk in recent years regarding the role that grading and scores have in education. Obviously, some sort of system of measurement is required to monitor progress and learning, but there are an abundance of theories on what impact those systems actually have on the developmental and educational process. Ideally, […]

Spanish, French and Italian profiles coming soon

The LangCorr team is working hard to create new profiles for our marking and feedback system Language Corrector. Our team is currently working on Spanish, French and Italian versions so that teachers can correct papers on these languages.  According to LangCorr’s vision, language correction should be simple and smooth. But very often it is a […]